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Are you seeking a reliable and trustworthy dispatcher to go the extra mile to get you the loads (and dedicated lanes) you want and deserve?

Look no further! We here at T & K Logistics & Tranport, LLC are your best option for getting fat loads and keeping you OTR until you say ‘when!’

While we are based in historic Fayetteville, NC, we can source lucrative loads anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Since everyday off the road is lost money, follow the steps below to get started with us today!

How start rolling with us:

Please, follow the onboarding instructions in the grey text area next to the carrier contact form below.

Once you submit it, we will get right back to you as soon as we have a break and can review the contact form.

Alternatively, give us a call after 6 pm CT so we can afford us more time to get to know each other! 

"From beautiful Fayetteville, NC we source you the best loads and dedicated lanes in the lower 48 states!"

Carrier contact form

"Let's get this money!"

How start rolling with us…from tomorrow!

About you and us

  • We invest a lot of time and effort into each owner / operator under our wing. It’s key we have a good understanding of each other and of what is expected of one another.


  • As such, we ask that you fill out the carrier contact form on the left completely, so we know exactly where you are, and the capabilities / details of your rig(s) and driver(s).


  • After you send the form, we will call you for a heart-to-heart chat about your goals for this year and beyond. We want to be your partner for life and keep you happy!


  • After our chat, we will ask you to download the carrier pack documents, sign them (either digitally, or by printing, signing, scanning) and email the signed documents to us at: admin@tandklogistics.com


  • Once approved, you are ready to get OTR and in the money.


  • Remember, the hardest part of a long journey is the first step. Take yours now, so we can make the best of the roads ahead of us! Come and join us…today!

Carrier pack documents

  • Please right click on document link below to save to your device.


Why roll with us?

You are our main concern 24 hours a day on the road and off. 

We got your back…and your future under wraps!

Trust and transparency

TheThe dispatcher / carrier relationship should be solid and dependable, in order to persevere and surpass the competition. Let's build our relationship from now.

Rock-solid relationships

DispDispatching can be tedious and repetitive; nevertheless, we work tirelessly by keeping our eyes on the prize and seizing that big load for you when it pops up.

You are our main priority

When you are on the road, your safety, cost per mile and peace of mind are our main priorities. That's just the way it's meant to be!

"We go the extra mile for you...so you can too!"

Tashonda Hughes - CEO

Please feel to call us any weekday from 6-8pm CT

If you need assistance before then, please use our contact form above and we will text you back.

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